01 Feb, 2024

In Uzbekistan, it is planned to launch more than 300 major investment projects worth 18 billion US dollars in 2024

The draft Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the State Program for the Implementation of the Strategy “Uzbekistan – 2030” in the “Year of Support for Youth and Business” provides for:

As part of the direction to ensure the well-being of the population through sustainable economic growth:

  • taking measures to ensure the growth rate of gross domestic product at a level of at least 6 percent, investment – at least 30 percent of the volume of gross domestic product;
  • launch of 309 major projects in economic sectors worth $18 billion;
  • ensuring the annual inflation rate is not higher than 9 percent, the fiscal deficit is not higher than 4 percent, with the subsequent adoption of measures to reduce inflation rates and the State budget deficit;
  • ensuring the direction of 275 trillion soums of credit resources to economic sectors, including the provision of microfinance services in the amount of 41 trillion soums;
  • creating the necessary conditions based on market mechanisms to reduce bank loan rates by 2–3 percentage points.

The full draft of the document can be found in the “Portal for discussion of draft regulatory legal acts”.

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