Investments and attraction of financing

We know the investors and understand what a project to invest in should look like.

We offer a comprehensive turnkey solution for the planning and implementation of investment projects – from conception to completion. In particular, we will help you analyse the effectiveness and feasibility of your investment project and develop a financial and marketing plan for your investment project.

Our range of services includes:

  • Justification of investments at the pre-investment stage to assess the feasibility of the project and the rationality of the selected technological solutions;
  • Development of a business plan in accordance with investor/bank requirements, adjusted to international standards;
  • Development of a financial model and updating it throughout the project;
  • Preparation of a feasibility study for the project;
  • Expertise and audit of an investment project’s business plan for compliance with investor requirements, comprehensive Due Diligence of the business;
  • Comprehensive business value enhancement programs;
  • Changing the business model and product portfolio;
  • Support for entry into new markets;
  • Changing the business management model;
  • Carrying out marketing research to confirm the capacity and prospects of the market to which it is planned to enter;
  • Preparation of applications for participation in the selection of investment projects for the provision of state support;
  • Technological and price audit to control the distribution of financial resources;
  • Valuation of mortgage assets or SPV valuation with updating during the project implementation;
  • Evaluating the business at the end of the project and entering the operational phase;
  • Development of a financing strategy for the company;
  • Equity financing in the form of IPO and SPO;
  • Debt financing in the form of bank loans, corporate bond issues and venture capital project financing;
  • Preparation of a set of documents for obtaining, refinancing a loan taking into account the requirements of a particular bank;
  • Selection of the best proposal for business/project financing;
  • Negotiations with investors/lenders to protect investment projects;
  • Support of M&A transactions and sale of businesses;
  • Designing a comprehensive company development strategy;
  • Diagnostics of business processes and business efficiency;
  • Organizing an effective business management system;
  • Improvement of business efficiency.

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